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Simple Songs for Psalms

A Simple Song for Psalm 46.

Simple Song for Psalm 46 video

     Psalm 46, God is our refuge and strength.

     The text for this song is from the NIV. Note: Some scholars believe that the refrain given in verses 7 and 11 should also appear after verse 3, having possible been a scribal omission. As this seems reasonable enough, the refrain has been added in brackets after verse 3, as optional.

     Simple Song for Psalm 46 score in PDF
          with numeric notation only
          with guitar chords in C
          with guitar chords in G

     Simple Song for Psalm 46 PowerPoint presentation
          Simple Song for Psalm 46 PowerPoint slideshow
          Simple Song for Psalm 46 for older PowerPoint presentation

     Points for meditation:
What is the river?           

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