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Simple Songs for Psalms

Technical resources

     The technical resources for Simple Songs for Psalms are presented in three categories: web page presentation, production, and composition.

Web page presentation:
     The music scores were created on Finale 2011b and converted to PDF by PS2PDF, the online PostScript-to-PDF Converter. Text files were created on Microsoft Office Word 2007 and saved directly from Word to PDF format. PDF format files may be read via the AdobeReader available free from Adobe.
     The slide presentations were created on Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. Music fragments presented in the slide presentations were prepared on Finale 2011b.
     The videos were produced using Microsoft Movie Maker 6 from slides prepared on PowerPoint. The videos are stored on YouTube and embedded in these web pages through an Adobe Flash application. To obtain a free download of the Adobe Flash player, see the Adobe page. The bell heard at the beginning of some of the demonstration videos was produced by Finale 2011b using the Garritan Aria system.

     Some psalm texts come from the Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible [1611]. Other psalm texts have been taken from the NIV, 1984 edition, whose copyright information appears on the lead page of each printable form of the psalm.
     Vocal tracks were prepared at the studios of Reading & Radio Resource in Dallas, Texas, with Steve Cumming, engineer. Vocals were sung by Robert McAnally Adams.

     The texts were prepared from authentic sources, as indicated. Hyphenation was performed via the Lyric Hyphenator. The Simple Songs are original musical compositions by Robert McAnally Adams especially for the Psalms. Further composition notes pending.

Copyright, 2010-2011, by Robert McAnally Adams,
        Curator, Christian Quotation of the Day.
Logo image Copyright 1996 by Shay Barsabe, of “Simple GIFs”, by kind permission.
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