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Believer's Desktop Companion 2007

         Believer's Desktop Companion 2007 is available for release on this web site. It is completely free of charge and available in a variety of configurations.

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         Also, see the Believer's Desktop Companion 2007 Blog for all the latest news.

         Believer's Desktop Companion 2007 is a light-weight, generalized text-presentation platform for which a small library of books and other documents are available, including

         Believer's Desktop Companion 2004 presents a novel design in text browsers, raising the integration between documents to a new level. Here are some of the features of Believer's Desktop Companion 2007:

         To download the full application suite (84.7 MBytes), select Believer's Desktop Companion 2007, save the download to your directory, and then double click on the file, "BDCompKJV111.exe", to complete the installation.

         If you have not yet installed SIL Ezra, you may download and install the Ezra fonts from SIL at

Scroll down to the place where one can download the module called SILHEB11.exe, run the executable, storing the contents in some place you can access, and then install the nine fonts contained in the package, in the subdirectory "... SILHEB11\Fonts". Believer's Desktop Companion 2007 will recognize their presence on the next launch.

         For those wanting a smaller configuration, there are several choices. To download only part of the suite,

         You can add to these smaller configurations later. To add components or to update the program, after this installation is complete, go to your version's home page by (1) launching Believer's Desktop Companion 2007, (2) right click on the bookshelf, (3) select Network and then "Get latest version".


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