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The Quotations Bible Study


        Welcome to the home page for the Quotations Bible Study.
        The Quotations Bible Study is a series of seven studies that examine quotations from the Old Testament in the New Testament. Each Wednesday during Lent, download the corresponding study in either HTML, rich-text, or PDF format. When the study is completed, download the suggested answers for that week.
        The Quotations Bible Study is also available through the convenient Believer's Desktop Companion. If you are not yet a user (PC's only), you can go to the Believer's Desktop Companion home page and down load the latest version. Follow the simple installation procedure, and you are ready for the Quotations Bible Study. To add the Quotations Bible Study module to your Believer's Desktop Companion, click on the Believer's Desktop Companion link below to download and install that module. The Quotations Bible Study module is updated every time a new chapter is added.
        There is a blog for posting your answers to the study questions. Be sure to visit the Quotations Bible Study blog.

         Series I—The Person of Jesus
         Introduction (html) (rtf) (pdf)
         Week 1. Beginnings: the origins of Jesus' earthly life (html) (rtf) (pdf) (Believer's Desktop Companion)
                 —examining four quotations from the second chapter of Matthew.
                 —Suggested answers for week 1 (html) (rtf) (pdf) (Believer's Desktop Companion)
         Week 2. Unto Generations: the Magnificat of Mary (html) (rtf) (pdf) (Believer's Desktop Companion)
                 —examining the Song of Hannah and its similarities to the Song of Mary.
                 —Suggested answers for week 2 (html) (rtf) (pdf) (Believer's Desktop Companion)
         Week 3. Temptations: Jesus in the Wilderness (html) (rtf) (pdf) (Believer's Desktop Companion)
                 —examining three quotations from Deuteronomy used by Jesus during the temptation.
                 —Suggested answers for week 3 (html) (rtf) (pdf) (Believer's Desktop Companion)
         Week 4. Messenger: Jesus on John the Baptist (html) (rtf) (pdf) (Believer's Desktop Companion)
                 —examining prophecy concerning John the Baptist.
                 —Suggested answers for week 4 (html) (rtf) (pdf) (Believer's Desktop Companion)
         Week 5. Who is Jesus: The Evangelists on Jesus (html) (rtf) (pdf) (Believer's Desktop Companion)
                 —examining Jesus' baptism.
                 —Suggested answers for week 5 (html) (rtf) (pdf) (Believer's Desktop Companion)
         Week 6. Procession: Jesus the King (html) (rtf) (pdf) (Believer's Desktop Companion)
                 —examining Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem.
                 —Suggested answers for week 6 (html) (rtf) (pdf) (Believer's Desktop Companion)
         Week 7. The Atonement: Jesus on the Cross (html) (rtf) (pdf) (Believer's Desktop Companion)
                 —examining Jesus' use of Psalm 22 on the cross.
                 —Suggested answers for week 7 (html) (rtf) (pdf) (Believer's Desktop Companion)